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Riverbend Mercantile

Ceramic Staffordshire Cat Figures - Set of 2

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These 2 ethereal ceramic Staffordshire cats were made in England and are hand-signed by their maker. Their ceramic resembles porcelain or china. Each feline figure is white with black spots, has a golden collar, and sits on a blue pillow. They come in at about 7 inches tall and have one minor crack (which is pictured) with no chips and due to age, some beautiful crazing has appeared. Because of the handmade nature of these ceramics, each figure is slightly different.

These figurines are antiques of the 19th century and authentic Staffordshire ceramic.

This amazing pair of ceramic cat figures would like nothing more than to sit on your bookshelf. Perhaps they could find a home on your mantle piece or even your dining room table. They would do good work holding up or separating your books, or maybe even keeping you company on your desk.

What a pair!