About Riverbend Mercantile

riverbend mercantile hudson new york The naming of Riverbend Mercantile— one of the newest retailers to open its doors on Warren St. in Hudson, NY— has a kind of poetic resonance to it— a ripple, and reverberation, across continents and centuries.
The store represents the owners’ (Rudy Huston and Laura Powers) take on the old world meeting the new. This section of the Hudson river has been a trade route for centuries. “Hudson is tucked into this little nook where the river bends. It’s hidden. That’s where our shop’s name comes from,” Powers explained to us.
A significant portion of the merchandise Powers and Huston stock at Riverbend Mercantile comes from another corner of the globe: the Indonesian archipelago. These two areas of the world have been linked for centuries by the Dutch, who were traders in the far east and also the first European settlers of the Hudson Valley.